Learn the Secrets of the Neteru

In this class we will cover:

☥ Foundational principles of Egyptian magic & alchemy

☥ The Path of the Initiate

☥ Alchemy and the Kemetic Mindset

☥ Egyptian Creation Principles

☥ Who are the Neteru?

☥ Egyptian Tantra & Energy Movement

☥ Common Barriers to Conductivity

☥ The role of Art in a co-creative Universe

☥ Alchemical Practices for Creatives


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xo Leah Sonaria

About Your Guide:

Leah Sonaria, aka Flow Priestess, is a transformational guide, sonic alchemist and ceremonial spaceholder based in Vancouver Canada. She is the founder of 7 figure eco-yoga clothing brand Inner Fire Apparel, the creator of the Embodied Creativity Summit, and focalizer of the Flow Temple Collective. As an ordained Priestess of Isis and Hathor, she works with Egyptian alchemy to support visionary creatives to activate their highest soul blueprints and birth their creative legacies with flow and ease. 

She is an artist, designer, published author, soul singer, curator and community builder. Her current offerings include 1:1 Egyptian Reiki energy attunements, spiritual and entrepreneurial mentorship, embodiment journeys, Kemetic yoga, vocal liberation, breathwork, plant medicine facilitation and sound healing. She co-leads transformational workshops, retreats and pilgrimages to the holy lands of Kemet.