Learn the Secrets of the Neteru

In this FREE masterclass we will cover:

☥ Foundational principles of Egyptian magic & alchemy

☥ Key deities and what they represent

☥ How to invoke and work with the deities to support your evolution

☥ A powerful alchemy practice to bring you into inner union and alignment

☥ A special light language channeling to activate your direct connection with these powerful energies

xo Leah Sonaria

About Your Guide:

Leah Sonaria Emmott, aka @flowpriestess, is a transformational guide, quantum healer and ceremonial spaceholder. After selling her yoga clothing business in 2019, she embarked on a two year intensive healing journey into unlocking her divine potential.

In her deep study and practice of the feminine mysteries, she discovered her vocal medicine as a light language channeler, and works with clients to activate their soul blueprints and creative soul gifts. She is a devoted Priestess of Isis via the Tantric Rose Lineage and has been trained as a temple guide through the Priestess Presence School of Sacred Arts.