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Kemetic Yoga & Sound Bath

Monday April 29 7-9pm PST
Sound Space Portal
1826 Triumph St, Vancouver BC

Experience the world's oldest form of yoga - Kemetic (Egyptian) Yoga plus receive a channeled crystal bowl sound bath to attune you to the frequency of Ancient Egypt

About Your Facilitator: 

Leah Sonaria
Ceremonialist, Priestess of Isis & Hathor & Medium for the Neteru

Leah Sonaria, aka @flowpriestess, is a transformational guide, sonic alchemist and ceremonial spaceholder based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Egypt is her second home.

As a devoted Priestess of Isis and Hathor, she works with the Neteru directly to facilitate deep healing and quantum shifts. She has the unique gift of being able to channel the language of the Egyptian deities (Neteru), offering DNA activations, Egyptian Reiki and sound codes to help unlock higher capacities and powers.

She is a certified somatic movement guide, breathwork facilitator, Kemetic yoga teacher and spiritual coach, as well as a singer, flow artist, writer and designer. She is the host of The Embodied Creativity Summit and the founder of Temple Keeper Collective, a priestess lifestyle brand.

Her mission is to support visionary creatives to activate their highest soul blueprints to birth their creative legacies with flow and ease.

What is Kemetic Yoga?

The world's oldest form of yoga 

  • An ancient spiritual system of self-development and awareness
  • Connection and embodiment of Divine Universal Forces - omnipotent creative energy signatures called Neter which form and inform all aspects of cognate reality
  • Focuses on cultivating and circulating life force through specific stories, symbols and pathways to reflect and entrain a higher order
  • Leah is a certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher under the YogaSkills Teacher Training Program taught by Yirsr Ra Hotep

The Sonic Alchemy of Egyptian Light Language

  • Sound healing has the capacity to unlock many dormant abilities and healing powers. I have been gifted with the ability to channel a very specific form of Egyptian light language (soul codes) that anchors in ancient sacred sounds, invocations and symbols to encode the client's field for optimal outcomes. 
  • It has been revealed to me that I am a living Hathor, an emanation of the Egyptian cow Goddess of Creativity, Sensuality and Fertility. She works through me as a sonic alchemist and architect, delivering bespoke channeled transmissions and reiki based on the ancient Kemetic language to help clear and fortify your energy field at the deepest quantum level. 
  • I work with sound bowls and my singing voice to re-encode my client's hologram with specific high frequency harmonics. The transmissions have been known to change lives miraculously and cause many auspicious shifts to occur very quickly!

I look forward to dropping into sacred space with you!

xo Leah Sonaria

What People Are Saying:

Thank you Leah for providing this beautiful space to journey within! I loved feeling the deep cosmic intentions within the Kemetic Yoga poses...it was very healing to be in such a Starseed space :3 The downloads I had during the sound bath helped to facilitate a timeline jump I'm currently undergoing. Blessings ~

Forrest Mortifee

Leah is a very powerful presence and her work is no different. I felt her vibrational medicine assist me in anchoring my highest destiny timeline and activating deep remembrance. During my regular meditation practice I noticed I was able to drop in deeper following the soundbath. I can't recommend Leah's work enough!


I’ve been recently aware of my calling to pursue art and I am having to work really hard at practicing gratitude and patience in a job I have no interest in. It weighs heavily on me often. I felt that weight lift out of my heart right at the beginning of the sound bath. Cried a little to get it out of the way and then melted into a lot of chakra alignment. My intention was to become more in alignment with my purpose and attract more of what I love to do because I want to do what I love for a living. The very next day after your class I received a message from a lady requesting a huge mural sized art commission. My biggest yet! Thank you Leah for your healing magic. It really works!

Jaqueline Turner

Leah's work is incredible. She works on such a subtle energetic level that many weeks after having my first session with her I am will processing and integrating the different things she opened up for me. A 90-minute session with her is very powerful and great for unblocking the flow of stagnant energy in your life. She removed some impediments from my voice and it seems like every day now I have access to deeper and deeper levels of vocal flow that would usually take me lots of practice to get to, and that's just one of the many ways she redirected my subtle energy to catalyze my highest potential. If you're going to do a session with Leah I would highly recommend it. Grateful for the profound work Leah is able to offer to the world and to have been able to experience it myself.