Upcoming Events & Ceremonial Activations

Kemetic (Egyptian) Yoga & Sound Bath

Monday April 29, 2024 - 7-9pm

Sound Space Portal | East Vancouver BC

$38 per person - max 16 spots

Facilitated by Leah Sonaria

  • Experience the world's oldest form of yoga and learn how the Egyptians practiced
  • Receive a full body calibration and attunement from the Neteru (Egyptian forces of creation)
  • Only 16 spots available


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Technology of Transformation

Free Workshop and Quantum Activation

April 4, 2024 - 7-9pm PST

Online via Zoom


Facilitated by Leah Sonaria and Bryce Musil 

Join Leah and Bryce for a very special evening of quantum activations, cutting edge conversations and soul-level calibrations.

Allow yourself to receive higher guidance and wisdom in a safe and intimate container.

This experience is perfect if:

  • You’re at a crossroads or are currently going through a major transition in life
  • You’re ready to quantum leap into your most optimal timeline
  • You're feeling a bit anxious about how to navigate this time of great change and technological convergence
  • You're feeling the call to emerge into your fullest expression through your sacred work

    We will be using powerful healing tools such as guided process work, mythological teachings and sound healing to bring you into a higher resonance of being. 
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Technology of Transformation

Egyptian Alchemy Retreat

May 31 - Jun 2, 2024

Loon Lake Lodge | Maple Ridge, BC

Co-Facilitated by Leah Sonaria,  Bryce Musil and Meigan Swanson

  • Learn ancient tools and practices to accelerate your spiritual growth & mastery
  • Anchor in your highest timeline to manifest next-level realities & abundance
  • Connect with mystical guides and receive evolutionary codes
  •  Co-create transformational experiences for the benefit of all
  • Only 16 spots available


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Tree of Life Plant Medicine Ceremony

Aug 16 - 20, 2024

Earthspring Sanctuary | Victoria, BC

A sacred journey with the plant medicine spirits of Blue Lotus, Jurema and Acacia

Co-Facilitated by Leah Sonaria,  Fede Karuna and Giulia Isabel

This is a very special curated retreat to commune with master plants of Egypt through sacred rituals and direct experience for the awakening of consciousness and divine union. Only 18 spots available.

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Isis Initiation Priestess Retreat

Nov 14 - 17, 2024

Loon Lake Lodge | Maple Ridge, BC

A sacred alchemical container for divine feminine reclamation and sacred remembrance. Join us in a pristine nature sanctuary for yoga, meditation, embodiment, dance, energy medicine, light language activations, sisterhood, cacao ceremony, and magic! If you're feeling the call of the Priestess, your cellular upgrade awaits!

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