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Free Masterclass: How to Channel High Frequency Offerings

Learn how to encode your sacred work with evolutionary keys

In this Masterclass, we will explore the art of channeling and how to birth legacy works that have an activating effect on the energetic field. We will learn how to embody our starseed templates to step into our sacred purpose as activators during this era of harmonic convergence and heart-led manifestation. At the end, Leah shares a special light language transmission to help unlock dormant codes that are ready to come online as you rise into your role as a divine feminine leader and way-shower for a new age of embodied divinity.

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Free Masterclass: Intro to Egyptian Alchemy

Learn the secrets of the Neteru

In this FREE masterclass we will cover:

☥ Foundational principles of Egyptian magic & alchemy

☥ Key deities and what they represent

☥ How to invoke and work with the deities to support your evolution

☥ A powerful alchemy practice to bring you into inner union and alignment

☥ A special light language channeling to activate your direct connection with these powerful energies

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Divine Inner Union Light Language Activation

Channelled Cellular Upgrade

This is a Hathor/Horus and Magdalene/Christ starseed light language transmission channeled during the 222:222 Divine Union Portal.

This activation will awaken and unite the divine feminine and masculine energies within for optimal flow, creativity and magnetic attraction.

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