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Private Coaching & Mentorship

I love working with soul-led leaders and visionary creatives to amplify and embody their gifts to manifest their most enriching and abundant lives.

My happy place is supporting in the areas of heart-centered business, entrepreneurship, personal development, vocal liberation, creative strategy and personal branding.  

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Energy Attunements

Private Energy Attunement Sessions offer a deep energetic clearing and vibrational upgrade to assist in elevating, integrating and re-calibrating your body, mind and soul.

I channel high frequency light language codes (Egyptian-focused but also other frequencies) while working the energy field to activate your higher consciousness so that you can fully step into your mastery and highest timeline.

90 minute sessions are $144

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Private Ceremonies

I offer various ceremonial services such as:

  • Breathwork Facilitation
  • Womb Reconsecration & Cord Cutting 
  • Abortion & Miscarriage Ceremonies
  • Red Tent Priestess Initiations
  • Sacred Union Ceremonies
  • Family and Pregnancy Blessings
  • Fire Dance Initiations
  • Cannabis and Psychedelic Medicine Facilitation
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